Nik Bear Brown (aka Bear)

I'm a Assistant Professor in Engineering at Northeastern University. I have taught computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, programming, 3D visual effects, web programming, server administration, networking, and game programming at Northeastern University, UCLA, Santa Monica College, ITT, and the Art Institutes - Hollywood. My PhD was in computer science from UCLA. My major field was computational, and systems biology and my minor fields were artificial intelligence and statistics.

I also have a Masters in Information Design and Data Visualization from Northeastern University and I'm currently enrolled in a Part-Time MS in Finance/MBA at Northeastern University.

My research, consulting  and teaching revolve around math, AI, ML, RL, DL, Visualization, Computational Biology, and Games.

This site is an AI and Visualization journal.  When I come across something interesting I blog about it.  This is mostly for me so I can follow up on interesting ideas and they don't get lost in old emails.

I decided to make these posts public in the off-chance someone may find some interesting.


This blog uses Ghost.  Ghost does not use any tracking cookies of any kind.  Only Google analytics stats are kept. No cookie based-stuff.

How to reach me!


nbb @ nikbearbrown . com