AI Skunks and Kaggle member Anand Krishnamoorthy

Here is an experience of Kaggle member Anand Krishnamoorthy from AI Skunkworks "I am a student at Northeastern University doing my Master's in Data Science. I wanted to compete in a few Kaggle competitions and I joined the Kaggle group at AI Skunkworks to find like-minded people.

I found an NLP Kaggle competition that seemed exciting, the CommonLit Readability Prize CLRP. The goal of the CLRP is to predict the reading difficulty of the given text.

I teamed up with Charlie, a Kaggle expert and a member of the Kaggle group at AI Skunkworks. I did have some experience in NLP through coursework and industry experience but I had never implemented SOTA NLP language models like Bert and Roberta. Overall it was a great learning experience."