I do Angel advising. This means that I act as a consultant and advisor for issues related to Analytics, AI, ML, RL, DL, Visualization, Computational Biology, and Games for early start-ups in exchange for equity.  This allows cash-strapped start-ups to get advice that is paid with equity should they make it to Series A.

I only spend time with start-ups that have a chance of doing something good in the world. Helping create things that can improve people's lives is a major motivating factor for me.

New tech start-ups rarely have the time or money to make mistakes related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Understanding AI is critical and far more technical than creating a website.

I do not invest cash in start-ups, only time, and I do it in exchange for equity as early start-ups are usually very cash strapped.

I also have a company, Fatweasel Digital, the builds AI software for early start-ups for a mix of cash and equity. I call this "AI Ghostwriting."

Having workable proof of concept prototypes is critical for attracting funding for a start-up.

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I'm an Assistant Professor in Engineering at Northeastern University. I have taught computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, programming, 3D visual effects, web programming, server administration, networking, and game programming at Northeastern University, UCLA, Santa Monica College, ITT, and the Art Institutes - Hollywood. My PhD was in computer science from UCLA. My major field was computational, and systems biology and my minor fields were artificial intelligence and statistics. I did a part-time postdoc at Harvard Medical School while teaching at Northeastern University.

I was NSF IGERT Bioinformatics Fellow and have worked as a lab Molecular Biologist for DNAX Research Institute and the Cetus Corporation.

I also have a Masters in Information Design and Data Visualization from Northeastern University and I'm currently enrolled in a Part-Time MS in Finance/MBA at Northeastern University.

My research, consulting, and teaching revolves around math, AI, ML, RL, DL, Visualization, Computational Biology, and Games.

  • 😄 Pronouns: They/them
  • ⚡ Fun fact: I once ran away with the circus and did Sumo wrestling